The Top 5 – December 16, 2011

Each week we will focus on 5 exciting things or important events happening in and around our school.

1.  Food Bank Drive – As always, our school community did an amazing job collecting food and money for the Surrey Food bank.

Food items and money was raised in the usual manner – collecting in the classrooms. But, in addition, more food and money was collected in other ways as well: entrance into the student-staff volleyball game at lunchtime, and the Cookies for a Can event where the Grade 6 students made and sold chocolate cookies (they were delicious, by the way).  You should all be proud of your efforts.

A message from Mrs. Iwagami (one of the teachers responsible for such a successful Food Drive event):

  • I just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff, students, and parents who helped out, donated and was a part of another very successful Food Drive this year.  The volunteers that arrived last week to pick up our items were amazed by the number of boxes of food we had collected.  He said that each year our school easily collects 5 times more than any other school in Surrey.
  • We collected over 3500 items this year which worked out to be 109 boxes all together!  Also with the help of the Green Team, the Cookies for a Can event and the staff volleyball game,  we collected over $650! (Remember the Food Bank has triple buying power so that works out to be a lot of food!)
  • I am so proud of our Bear Creek community, students, and staff.  I know that many families won’t be going hungry this holiday season because of our efforts.

2.  Christmas Concert – A BIG thank you to Ms. Zarin for leading our school in a very successful Christmas Concert – “Bear Creek Express” this past week.  Both shows were a great success and enjoyed by all!

3.  iPod Excitement – Our district has some iPod and iPad carts that can be borrowed by individual schools.  A number of classes have had the opportunity to enjoy using them in their classrooms.  They have been exploring them in a variety of ways, including, Math drills to strengthen their recall of basic math facts.

4.  iPad Excitement is Coming – Our school has purchased 10 iPads!  We are very excited about the learning opportunities that will come with the use of this new technology.  Some teachers have taken them home over the winter break to become more familiar with the iPads. We look forward to introducing the iPads to the students once we return from the winter break. Stay tuned!

5. Mrs. Melvin Retires – One of our beloved Learning Support Teachers (LST), Mrs. Melvin, will retire at the end of this calendar year, so her final day with students was on December 16.  She was an outstanding, caring, knowledgeable LST teacher and colleague to us all. She will be missed by everyone. We do wish her a very happy retirement! We know she will be busy with her grandbabies (with a new one on the way early in the new year). Congratulations, Mrs. Melvin.

That concludes Our Top 5 for the last school week of 2011.  Looking forward to showing more of the wonderful things happening at Bear Creek in the coming weeks!


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