The Top 5 – January 6, 2012

What a great start to the year!  We’ve been back to school for a week so far and what a week it has been.

1.  We were pleased to welcome a some new staff members this week!

Mrs. Russo – Welcome back to Mrs. Russo who has returned from maternity leave to teach Grade 5.

Ms. Little – Mrs. Little has taken over Mrs. Borne’s position teaching Kindergarten since Mrs. Borne has started her maternity leave.

Mrs. Williams – While Mrs. Williams started her first day back to work after her maternity leave on December 16, this was her first full week back at work. We welcome Mrs. Williams back to Bear Creek in her job share position with Mrs. Uppal, teaching grade 3.

We will be welcoming Mrs. Elving next week. She will be one of Learning Support Teachers, taking over for Mrs. Melvin who retired at Christmas.

We know you will all welcome all our new staff members to our Bear Creek families.

2.  Learning About Multiplication! The Grade 3’s in Mrs. Williams’ and Mrs. Uppal’s class are starting to learn about multiplication!  They did a great activity on Thursday where the students worked collaboratively to make “groups of” items on a large poster board.  The students seemed to really enjoy this activity and were very engaged in what the were doing.  What fun!  Take a look.


3.  It’s ZUMBA time!  We are so fortunate to have our  resident Zumba instructor, Mrs. Aven, lead the students and staff in Zumba every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch.  Everyone has a great time together and a fabulous workout!  Next time you see Mrs. Aven, be sure to thank her for giving her time and expertise during Zumba time!

4. We have started our featured Daily Success Notes on our blog this week. Each week you will find some posts on this page from students at our school, reflecting on things they have learned or things they have done that week. This week, there were posts written by Marcus and Colette from Division 1. Please check out their posts and feel free to leave them comments.  Everyone loves to get feedback on their learning!

5. Division 4, 5, 6, and 7 all completed their 100 Minutes of Genius presentations this week. Before Christmas, each student had the opportunity to learn about whatever they wanted for two classes (50 minutes each). We had some wonderful topics of learning, ranging from making friendship bracelets, creating a wiki, designing a poster, and teaching about Geo-Caching.  The topics were really great! The kids were very motivated and worked hard to demonstrate their learning to their classmates.  Below are some photos of a few of the topics and projects completed by our Geniuses here at Bear Creek.


The students all look forward to the next time they get to have time for 100 Minutes of Genius projects.


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