Do You Like to Dance?

On Monday the 9th, my class and a few other classes went to Frank Hurt school, to watch a performance put on by some of Frank Hurt’s dancers. The performance was awesome because there was different types of dancing, including Hip Hop, Jazz, and a lot of dramatic dances with themes. It was cool because some of the dances were like a dance but with acting too! There was also a lot of different types of music. My favourite type of music was pop. What is yours? I liked how some of the dances seemed sad and dramatic. One was scary like a horror movie, and some others were happy and exciting. If you didn’t see these performances the other day at Frank Hurt you should see it when you are in Grade 6 or 7. Another thing that was cool was that, near the end of the performances, kids were called up from the audience to dance on stage and show what they got! I think that was cool because you got a chance to go up on stage, or watch your friends and classmates dance. When I’m in high school I’ll probably join dance class for hip hop. What about you? What will you join?

By Lindsay


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