Being New to a School is Difficult

Hi I’m Yesenia, and i am new to Bear Creek. Being new to school is hard for me, because if your first impression goes wrong people are going to think that you are a person that your not and I bet none of you want that to happen to you. Bear creek school is so much different from my old school Lena Shaw. When they have assembly they have the choir singing the piano playing, but at this school are assembly we have a really talented singer name Andrea Legaspi. Lena shaw only has the huge area the we could play at, but at Bear Creek we can go all around the school we have a big grass feild and huge gravil feild. What’s also different is that we have a teacher named Mrs. Aven that does this fun activity that is a dancing activity. She does songnthatbare from different parts in the world. Mrs. Aven takes a lot of time out of her day to makes a happy with those dances. Thank your for reading this.


One thought on “Being New to a School is Difficult

  1. Hi Yesenia,

    It is difficult to to start at a new school. We are glad you are enjoying Bear Creek. You are right, schools are often different, even if they are close to one another. We are very fortunate here at Bear Creek. We have a lot of very kind students and teachers!

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