5 Things to Talk About – January 27, 2012

What a busy week we have had at Bear Creek!  It’s been busy, but fun, as always.  Here are five things you can talk to your child about this weekend.

1.  Noisy Reading  started in Ms. Little’s Kindergarten class this week. What a great way to involve parent’s in their child(ren)’s education.  On Noisy Reading mornings, parents, grandparents, other care-givers, and siblings are invited into the classroom to read with their kindergarten child.  It is called Noisy Reading because of the buzz you hear in the room!  It’s fun and it’s exciting. The kids always love to have their loved ones in the classroom with them.

2.  On Monday, our School liason Officer, Constable Teichrieb, came to our school to talk with students in Grade 4/5 and students in Grade 6/7 in two separate presentations.  In each presentation, the Constable talked about internet safety, social networking, and bullying.  Some suggestions provided for parents from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and the Kids in the Know Program include:

  • Limit the amount of time your child spends online.
  • Use filtering software (visit http://www.cybertip.ca).
  • Supervise your child while online and consider putting the computer in a common area (kitchen, family room, etc…) of your home.
  • Explore the games your child plays. Are they age appropriate?
  • Know your child’s login information and email addresses.
  • Children should not be sharing login information with friends or peers.
  • Monitor webcam use and any posting of pictures online.
  • Don’t allow your child to communicate in unregulated chat rooms.
  • Communicate openly with your child, encouraging him/her to share feelings.

Please talk with your child about the presentation and his/her choices at school and online.  Discuss their social responsibility in contributing to the well-being of everyone, not just their own classmates or friends.

3.  We had a very successful Hot Dog Day on Tuesday and a great Popcorn Day on Friday!  We are so fortunate to have the support of so many wonderful, dedicated parents who make these opportunities possible for the children at our school. Thank you, parents!

4. Recognition Assembly.  We held our January Recognition Assembly on Thursday. It is always so wonderful and heart-warming to see the excitement in the student’s eyes as they participate in the assembly, receive recognition and watch their friends receive recognition. While it was a bit odd listening to all the children singing Christmas carols in January, they loved watching the video of all the wonderful things they participated in throughout the month of December. What fun we have at Bear Creek!

There were two things that really stand out when I look back on the Recognition Assembly this week. First of all, we were all given the pleasure of watching and listening to Andrea (Grade 7) perform for us.  She sang the song Fireworks and was amazing! What a gift she has!

Secondly, another memorable moment was when Mrs. Aven got up on the stage and led the entire school in Zumba.  The kids were enthusiastic, happy, energetic, and engaged in the dance. Mrs. Aven says the experience watching 480 students looking up at her, dancing, smiling, laughing, and just showing their love of life was just awesome to be part of.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Aven lead our school in Zumba – not only at assemblies, but also every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch.  What a fun place to come to school!

5.  All of our students at Bear Creek are talented in one way or another.  We all have things we excel at and enjoy.  Every so often, we will be Celebrating some of the talents on this blog.

Today, we are celebrating Bridget’s piano-playing ability.  This is a Kindergarten student who has a natural ability to play the piano. She has never had piano lessons (and just recently go her own piano). She is able to play a song by ear if she hears it.  She is quite something.  She is an inspiration to others in our school – children and adults.  Often, Bridget can be found in the music room at lunch (the only time she is able to have the music room to her self and be able to play the piano).  Just as often, there will be a half dozen students standing at the doorway watching Bridget play.  So, what makes Bridget so incredible, you wonder?  Not only is she a talented pianist, Bridget is blind.  With permission from Bridget’s mom, please watch the video here:  Be inspired by Bridget: her perseverance, her dedication, and her talent.


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