Grade 2 Student Readers

The students in Mr. Wong’s Grade 2 class have just finished publishing some wonderful stories! Today, some of the students read their stories aloud into an audio recorder on the iPad. I hope you enjoy listening to these creative stories!

2012-02-28%201_40_34%20PM%20Story1.m4a Listen on Posterous

2012-02-28%201_45_08%20PM%20Story%202.m4a Listen on Posterous

2012-02-28%201_47_26%20PM%20Story%203.m4a Listen on Posterous

2012-02-28%201_50_04%20PM%20Story%204.m4a Listen on Posterous

2012-02-28%201_53_24%20PM%20Story%205.m4a Listen on Posterous