Things to Talk About – February 10

1.  This week started the beginning of the FSA Assessments (Foundation Skills Assessment) for the Grade 4 and 7 students. We did the computer components for the Reading and Numeracy sections of the FSA. Next week, the Grade 4 and 7 students will work on the written parts of the Numeracy and Writing sections of the FSA.

The students all worked very hard on the assessments. We were very proud of them.

2.  Our Kindergarten students had the wonderful opportunity for someone from our Aboriginal department come to tell stories to our students.  The visitor was in the classrooms for an hour. The teachers reported the students to be very excited and interested in the stories!

3.  Exciting news came out of Ms. Noakes’ class today. They have salmon eggs and have been waiting patiently for them to hatch.  The first egg has now hatched!  This is a very exciting time indeed. If you have time, please come by to visit Ms. Noakes class to see the eggs and the little Alevin.  If you want to learn more about the life-cycle of the salmon, visit here.

4. The Lego Robotics Community Recreation program continued this week. It was so exciting to see the children actually making solar cars!  Let’s hope the sun cooperates a bit more on Tuesday, so they can actually make them race!

5.  Friday was a District Professional Development Day.  There were so many wonderful learning opportunities for our teachers and staff, including, Technology Literacies, Mathematics, Self-Regulation, and much more! What a great opportunity for our staff!



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