Things to Talk About – March 2, 2012


3.  Also on Wednesday, our school was engaged by a wonderful performance by Red Sky.  They did a wonderful job presenting an aboriginal story.


5. Thursday afternoon, 4 of our students went with Mrs. Burton on the Burton Bonanza!  This month they went to Cinemazoo!  They had a wonderful time, but it went far too quickly. Pictures of their time together will be posted on the bulletin board by the office soon.

4. On Thursday evening, from 4:00 – 8:00, 15 teachers, Care Workers, and Administrators went to Apple Canada headquarters in Richmond to participate in an iPad Bootcamp.  We had a great time and learned a lot about the iPads.  Currently, our school has 10 iPads and an iPad cart.  With the generous support of the Bear Creek PAC, we have ordered an additional 28 more iPads.  20 of these additional iPads will go into our iPad cart. The remaining 8 iPads will be used by our support staff to work with children.  We are very excited about the learning taking place with the new technology at our school.  Thank you, PAC!

6. Ms. Noakes’ class completed a motivating and very engaging activity today involving making cookie bodies and decorating them based on the various body system that work together in our body.  They did a terrific job demonstrating their knowledge (and the cookie was quite tasty as well!).


8.  Mrs. Delmark’s Kindergarten class had a special visitor today – Ms. Jacqueline Daigneault, an Aboriginal Cultural Facilitator in our school district.  With her direction, the class helped make Bannock!  What fun!  They also listened to an aboriginal story, explored her drum, and sang some songs.  What a great morning!  Next Friday, Ms. Daigneault will be back to teach the students how to do the jig! 

8.  Ms. Noakes’ class also had a special visitor Friday morning. As part of their Social Studies curriculum, the class has been studying government.  MLA, Harry Bains visited the class to talk about laws and how they are made.  What a great experience to actually have someone involved in the process, come talk with the class about how it all works.