Things to Talk About – March 9, 2012

This week represented the last week before Spring Break and the last week before the final busy stretch of this school year. Where has the time gone? Just like every other week here at Bear Creek, it was another busy fun week at Bear Creek!


1.  Thursday was a very busy day, as the Grade 2 classes: Mrs. Coutlee, Mrs. Goertz, and Mr. Wong’s classes all went to Science World.  They had a great day learning about Science!  There was so much for the students to see and do.  It was a day full of excitement and engagement!  A few highlights of the day were the Chemistry show and learning about locomotion. The students were exicted to see the dinosaur and the medieval Lego displays as well. What fun!  If you have the opportunity, perhaps take some time over Spring Break to visit Science World with your children.


2.  Mrs.Noakes class also had a field trip Thursday.  Thursday was the day that they celebrated their winning the Surrey Waste Reduction Challenge. They had an afternoon at the Newton Wave Pool and even got a Pizza Party lunch!  What a talented group of students!  If you haven’t heard their winning rap, here it is again for you to enjoy:


Mrs_Noakes_Waste_Reduction.aiff Listen on Posterous


4.  Popcorn Day was Friday!  What fun!  Thanks so much for the parents spending their time and energy making popcorn for the entire school!  Your efforts are very much appreciated by all.  We always look forward to Popcorn Day!  Num! Num!


5.  Jump Rope for Heart was so much fun on Friday!  For the past couple of weeks, you could see students perfecting their skipping skills outside, before school, at recess, lunch, and with their classes outside and in the gym throughout the day.  The students have really improved their skill level.  There are so many students who are now able to skip for extended lengths of time. In addition, many have even learned and perfected skipping tricks, including front and back cross-overs (while skipping slow and super fast), and even double dutch!  The students have loved skipping and it is such a great workout!




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