Things to Talk About – April 13, 2012

This was another short week, but full of tons of exciting opportunities!


1.  Hot Lunch

We would like to extend a BIG thank you to the parents who helped out with the hot lunch on Tuesday.  It’s always a lot of work providing lunch to almost 500 students, but they always do it with a smile.  


2. Class Photos

We had Class Photos on Friday!  It is always so great to see everyone dressed up, looking very proud to stand in this commemorative photo of the year!


3.  Popcorn Day

Our parent group was hard at it again on Friday making popcorn for everyone! Again, a HUGE thank you to you all!


4.  Exciting Day in Mrs. Noakes and Mrs. Russo’s classes.

Mrs. Noakes and Mrs. Russo have started a collaborative project with 2 other classes in Michigan. You can take a look at their project wiki page, Ingreenious Inventions, here.  This week they had their first skype sessions (where they were able to talk with and see the students in the other classes). What a fabulous time they had!  This project will be continuing for the next month or more.  The classes plan on skyping with each other once a week and then contributing their learning to a wiki which they share.  


5.  Family Fun Night is Coming!  It’s a Disco Theme!

Mark May 11, 2012 on your calendar!  You will defintely want to attend our Family Fun Night event!  Students made posters to help get the word out about the event.  There were a lot of great entries!  The winning entries will be announced next week. Stay Tuned!





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