Things to Talk About – April 27, 2012


3.  On Thursday we had our Recognition Assembly!  What an amazing group of students we have at Bear Creek. We have so many students who try their best in their classrooms and around the school. It is always lovely to see the students from the classes be recognized for their efforts. 

I’m sure those students who were drawn for the Burton Bonanza are looking forward to going to Crescent Beach and getting ice-cream with Mrs. Burton! What fun!


4. We are so fortunate to have so many talented students at our school.  Our MC of our Recognition assemblies is Andrea. She has an amazing voice, which we are graced with when she begins each assembly with O’Canada.  We have also had the opportunity to hear Andrea sing at other times in our assemblies as well. Here is Andrea singing at the end of the assembly on Thursday. She actually brought some of us to tears. Her voice is so powerful!

singing.m4a‎_(832_KB‎).webloc Download this file


5.  Zumba with Mrs. Aven & Nadia – We finished our assembly by doing Zumba together as a school – talk about phenomenal! What a great, energizing experience for us all!

Thank you so much to Mrs. Aven and Nadia for being so inspiring to us all!



6.  Friday was PAJAMA DAY!  The kids were so thrilled to get to wear their pajamas to school. Everywhere you looked, there were children with smiles on their faces. What a great place Bear Creek is to learn!


7. Mrs. Williams’ and Mrs. Uppal’s Grade 3 class started blogging this week!  To say they are excited and motivated to write, would be an understatement! You can take a look at their blogs below.  They love comments! Click here to go to their blogs.



8.  Mrs. Russo and Mrs. Noakes’ Grade 5 classes are completing research on their culture. They can present their learning in any way they choose. Here are some examples.


9.  Mrs. Goertz’s Grade 2 class has done some amazing art work. Take a look at these beautiful flower paintings below:


10.  Fun Night is Coming!  We have only 2 weeks before FUN NIGHT!  It is going to be a great night – May 11.