Things to Talk About This Week – Sept. 4-7

We had a great first week back to school for the 2012/2013 school year.


Here are some highlights:



1.  It was so nice to see all our student’s smiling faces this week. Many of us are at the school preparing for the upcoming year for two weeks prior to the first day with students. There really is nothing like the first day & week with students though!  The kids bring so much life, energy and excitement to the building!


2.  We had the pleasure of welcoming approximately 40 new students in Grade 1-7 and another 63 kindergarten students. Bear Creek now enrolls 459 students (down slightly from last year).


3.  We welcomed a number of new staff members this year. Please join us in welcoming:

Eva Janicki (Kindergarten teacher)

Sophia Crisafi (Kindergarten teacher – teaching for Mrs. Bornn until she returns from maternity leave in January)

Jennifer Clark (music teacher)

Abbey Reed (Intermediate Prep Teacher)

Sonja Clark (Mrs. Ray’s jobshare partner)

Harjot Sangra (LST teacher)

Aman Sekhon (LST teacher)

Carin Porcellato (Early Literacy Teacher)

Carolyn Quan (Early Numeracy Teacher)

Amy Chan-Kin (Hard of Hearing Program)

Angela Dennstedt (Hard of Hearing Program)

Pamela Pinner (EA – Welcome Back!)

Cameron Cotten (Education Assistant – EA)

Lori Kelly (EA)

Rhonda Piper (EA)

Len Pierre (Aboriginal Child Care Worker)

C. McEwan – Strong Start Facilitator 


We know that our staff, students, and parent community will make our new members of our Bear Creek family feel welcome. We are very fortunate to have all of these educators join our team!


4. Students were placed into their classes on Friday.  There was excitement in the air and a buzz in the building.  It’s always such an exciting time for students and teachers when they get to see who they will spend the next 10 months learning with together.  Please help us in ensuring each child’s successful transition back into school.  


5.  Planning, Planning, Planning has begun to make this year a wonderful year of learning for all of us: educators, students, and parents included. We look forward to a wonderful year!





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