Things to Talk About October 1-5


7.  Learning Reflections – This week, instead of audio of students reflecting on their learning, we have videos of students reflecting on their learning for this week.  We hope you enjoy their reflections!  



8.  Learning with Ms. Noakes – On a walk-about this week, I came across an amazing lesson happening in Ms. Noakes’ class.  The students were huddled around a table where they were watching a model farm.  They were discussing the farm and the impact people have on various aspects of the farm – the land, the animals, and the food. What a great way to engage the students about a very important topic!



9.  Best Fit Books with Mrs. Williams – Mrs. Williams has been working with her students on developing their reading stamina (or length of time students can read independently with a high degree of engagement).  For students to develop “stamina” though, it is important that they read books at their “just right” level. If books are either too difficult, or too easy then students are not going to be able to maintain their reading stamina and will likely start doign things that may not involve reading. Unfortunately, we were not available at the time Mrs. Williams did the “Best Fit” lesson.  Here is a lesson by the authors of the book Daily 5, which Mrs. Williams (and other teachers) has started using this year as a framework to her reading program:


10.  Zumba Skyping!  Mrs. Aven’s class took Zumba to a whole new level this week when they connected with another class to Zumba together!  Their class skyped with Mrs. Begg’s Grade 4/5 class from White Rock Elementary to do zumba together!  What fun! (If you look closely, you can see Mrs. Beggs on the left hand side of the projected screen).