Things to Talk About – October 8-12

1.  We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends. It is always nice to take the time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for . . . some of which we may take for granted, at times.  We are very fortunate here at Bear Creek to have amazing students who come to school with an eagerness to learn. We can not say enough great things about our staff: our teachers, our Education Assistants, our Child Care Workers, our Breakfast Club/Lunch Coordinators, our noon-hour supervisors, our custodians, and office staff are dedicated to do their best to ensure each child learns to the best of their ability – always focusing on the positive. They are truly an amazing group with which to work and learn. We also have caring parents who do their best to help their children achieve to the best of their ability. We are grateful for such supportive parents! Thank you, everyone!


2.  The Grade 6 students had fun at the Corn Maze this week!  They had a wonderful time, with beautiful weather!


3.  Mrs. Ray & Mrs. Clark’s Grade 3 class made some amazing, life-like drawings of pumpkins.  They are truly beautiful!  Take a look:

4. Mrs. Tolksdorf’s Grade 1 students made jack-o-lanterns this week!  They are adorable and it’s great how each jack-o-lantern has a personality all its own!

5. The Grade 1 students in Mrs. Taylor’s class is busy writing.  Here they wrote a little bit about themselves.  

6. Mrs. Russo and Ms. Noakes’ Grade 5 classes finished the week with a tree-planting field trip at Bear Creek Park.  They really enjoyed themselves, in spite of the rainy weather.  Here’s Andrew, from Ms. Noakes’ class talking about something he learned on the field trip:


7.  Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Uppal’s class celebrated on Friday because they reached a new high with their Reading Stamina this week – over 30 minutes of focused independent reading with just-right books! That is incredible for this age group (or any age-group). Congratulations! 

You can see the progression of their reading stamina as the school year has progressed.  This week, they added another of the Daily 5’s to their agenda – Read to Someone! They loved that!


8.  The Outdoor Adventures Club started today!  The members of the club travelled to Minnekhada Park Hike, Coquitlam.  While the weather was wet, spirits were not dampened!  You can read more about the hike by visiting Mrs. Burton’s blog.  The next Outdoor Adventure Club hike is scheduled for Saturday, November 3.  


9. The students in Mrs. Fischer’s Grade 4 class learned how to play Rummy!  Now, at first thought you might wonder why they would be learning a card game like Rummy.  Every Friday, Mrs. Fischer does number games with her class. This Friday was no exception!  They learned how to play Rummy.  This game is full of strategy, counting, adding, subtracting, etc…  It’s a game full of math, if you will.  The kids had a great time playing and learned a lot!  If you want to learn more about how to play Rummy go here: How to Play Rummy.


10.  Our youngest students are learning to read with expression. Here is an example of two of our students from Mrs. Tolksdorf’s class learning to read with expression They did a great job and were so excited to be able to listen to their own reading. Students are very perceptive. They came up with some great suggestions for themselves when they listened to the voice recordings of their reading. It will be great to be able to record their reading throughout the year and then be able to demonstrate to them how their reading has progressed.  

Here is Abigail reading with expression:

Here is Adam reading with expression:



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