Things to Talk About – October 15 -19

1.  Boo!  Halloween is such a favourite time of year for students (and teachers).  There are so many great books to read, poems to learn, songs to sing, and art to create! Mrs. Blaine’s class created some spooky Halloween pictures this week.  Take a look:



2.  Mmmmmm  good!  Fall is such a great time of year!  There are so many interesting sights, sounds AND smells around the school right now.  The kindergarten students in Mrs. Delmark and Mrs. Crisafi’s classes contributed with the incredible apple-smell that moved through the 100 wing to the office.  Kids of all ages, love to cook!  It’s such a great learning experience for them. If you are interested in making home-made apple sauce at home, here is a recipe. This is a much quicker recipe than the recipe that the kindergarten kids used – that took all day (but it was worth it!) Here are some photos of the process:


3.  Guest Speaker from The City of Surrey. Our students enjoy it when their teachers have special guests come into their rooms. This week, the Grade 5 students had the pleasure of having Mrs. Z, from the City of Surrey come into their classes to talk about the importance of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. She also talked about Surrey’s new recycling program and then the students had the opportunity to sort items into the appropriate bin: recycling, organics, and garbage. Everyone was amazed at all the items that could be saved from the garbage! If you want more information on the new program in Surrey, click here.  Take a look at some photos of the visit.


4.  Because of Winn-Dixie. The Grade 4 students in Ms. Kuk’s class have been reading Because of Winn-Dixie.  Ms. Kuk was proud of her students as they really enjoyed the challenge of reading this great book.  Not only did the students learn about some reading strategies, such as inferencing, but they also participated in Readers’ Theatre – reading with expression and enthusiasm! As you can see from the photos, these students were very focused and engaged in their reading and learning! Click here for more information and activities about the book.


5. Structures, Structures, Structures.  One of the Units for Grade 3 students is learning about structures.  They do this in many ways: reading about structures, looking at books, videos, websites, etc…  But, there is nothing like hands-on learning that happens during a unit like this. Kids LOVE building their own structures!  That is what they did last week in Mrs. Uppal’s and Mrs. Williams’ class.  They had so much fun and learned a great deal about the importance of a strong base.  Here are some additional information and activities for building structures. Come see:


6.  Blogging!  There are many classes who are now blogging!  Ask your child about it.  Here isone example from Simran from Mrs. Manery’s class talking about her class trip to Bear Creek Park. All students and teachers love to know if you are reading their blogs and seeing their work.  Comments are very much appreciated! Ask your child if they are blogging at school. If your child is interested, they could also blog at home.  Blogs are very easy to use and set up.  


7.  Rock-n-Roll. On Thursday, we were part of the Great BC Shakeout in which 600,000 people in BC were involved in the largest Earthquake drill in Canada. We were really proud of everyone’s efforts to keep all students and staff safe during this drill. Drills like this help us to be prepared in case such an event was to ever happen. For more information about the Great BC Shakeout click here.


8.  Student Photos are due on October 23. On Thursday, your child should have brought home their student photo from Mountain West. If you are interested in ordering any of the photos, please send in your order by October 23.  If you have 3 or more children, please come by the office for a coupon which will enable you to get free photos when you pay for your first two children’s photos.


9.  Interim Reports. You child brough his/her Interim Report home on Wednesday, October 17. Please review this interim with your son or daughter. Please let your child know of the good things you see included in the report. If you have any questions or comments about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule an appointment. If you have not yet done so, we kindly request that you sign and return your child’s interim to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. 


10. Professional Day.  Our teachers took part in a variety of Professional Development activities on Friday. Some teachers learned about Boys and Writing, some learned more about integrating nature into their teaching, and some learned more about technology and how to integrate it into the learning by their students.  There was a great deal of learning that happened on Friday. It was an energizing day for all!


Next week:

Volleyball Season begins!  The Grade 6/7 Boys and Girls volleyball teams begin this coming week. 

Clothing Exchange.  Our community is invited to participate in a Clothing Exchnage on Wednesday, October 24 from 12:30-4:00 in the gym.  The colder weather is upon us. If you or your children need clothes, please come to the gym to pick out some appropriate clothing. You do not need to bring any clothes to trade.  Just come and take what you need. 


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