Things to Talk About – October 29 – November 2

What an exciting week we had this week!


1. Worms and Dirt!  One of our Childcare Workers, Mrs. McMillan, made “Worms and Dirt” during the Girls’ Group she runs one lunch our each week.18 girls joined the Girls’ Club this week for the fun cooking activity. They started by making the pudding by scratch and then added the “dirt” (crushed up oreo cookies) and “worms” (gummy worm candies). They loved the activity and forged new friendships because of it!


2. Spirit Day.  The kids had a great day on Wednesday!  It was our first Spriit Day of the year. The students and staff had the option to dress in orange and black or wear a Halloween costume.  It was so fun to see so many kids and staff members taking part in such a community-building event! Here are a few photos:

We had a costume contest for the intermediate students at Bear Creek. The costumes were all great and it was really difficult to determine a “winner”. All of our students at Bear Creek are winners!  


The winners of our Costume Contest were:

Funniest: Nicholas – Grade 6


Best Home-made – Emily – Grade 7 


Most Original – Amanda – Grade 7



3.  Haunted House. Mr. Holgate assisted as some of his Book Fair helpers put on a scary Haunted House for the younger students. Everyone who particpated got scared and had fun!  Thanks, Mr. Holgate and all your enthusiastic helpers!


4. Science Visitors.  The grade 4’s and 5’s had visitors from the Let’s Go Science Program from SFU. They did some jaw-dropping Science experiements with our students. We were all in awe of the “magic” and experiments. One of the things we learned that “magic” is full of science!


5.  Cute Skeletons.  The Kindergarten student’s in Mrs. Janicki’s class made these cute Q-tip skeletons.  Aren’t they adorable?


6. Thriller!  Ms. Lyne’s Grade 6 class performed for a group dance to the Michael Jackson song, Thriller.  They are such talented dancers! Everyone had a lot of fun watching them perform for us.


7. Pancake Breakfast. Mrs. Manery’s Grade 6 and 7 students took advantage of the sometimes diffcult day-after Halloween day.  They spent the morning measuring, stirring, and making pancakes.  Not only did they learn all about cooking, but they also learned about setting the tables nicely. They also learned about table manners. Then, when they were finished, the learned all about cleaning up after themselves!  They did a great job and their pancakes were delicious!


8. Aboriginal Support Worker Visiting – Mrs. Blaine’s Grade 2 class had Lisa Starr visit their class to talk to them about the importance of animals in the aboriginal culture.  Lisa did a wonderful engaging presentation that had the students on the edge of their seat, asking many questions about what they were seeing and hearing about in the presentation.


9. PALS Session. We had our first PALS session for our youngest learners this morning!  It was a very busy time in our Strong Start room. 


10.  Remembrance Day is coming.  The students in Mrs. Iwagami and Mrs. Deamer’s class reflected about why they wear poppies. As you will read below, their reflections were from the heart. Why do you wear a poppy?

Our Remembrance Day Assembly will be this week – Thursday, November 8 at 10:45am. Everyone is welcome to attend.




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