Things to Talk About – December 3-7

1.  Staff-Student Volleyball game. The staff took on the Boys’ Volleyball team on Wednesday at lunch!  It was a lot of fun! There were two teams for the boys and two teams for the staff. Sorry, boys, but the staff won both games!  The girls get their shot at the staff this Wednesday.

2.  Santa came to visit!  Thanks so much to our wonderful PAC for organizing the Photos with Santa event.  It was a busy day with many children visiting Santa. All photos will be coming soon!  A special thank you also goes out to Kathy from Mountain West photography for volunteering her time to take photos. And, of cours, we can’t forget to thank Santa! Thank you, Santa for taking time out of your busy schedule to come visit the wonderful children at Bear Creek!

3.  Learning About Japanese Culture – Mrs. Deamer and Mrs. Iwagami’s Grade 6 students have been studying Japanese culture.  Their unit culminated on Friday with a visit from Mrs. Iwagami’s mom, aunt and a friend.  The students were able to experience some Japanese culture with learning how to wear a komono and by performing a traditional Japanese dance.  What a great experience! Thanks goes out to Mrs. Deamer and Mrs. Iwagami for organizing this worthwhile experience for their students.

4.  Deck the Halls.  The school participated in Deck the Halls on Friday afternoon.  The hallways all all decorated with wonderful festive decorations.  You should come take a look!  Here are a few examples of what you will see:

5. Making Sushi. Not only did Div. 5 have special visitors on Friday for their unit on Japanese Culture, they also learned to make sushi this week! What fun!

6. Girls’ Club Finale. The Grade 6/7 Girls’ Club came to an exciting end on Thursday when the girls all made their own gingerbread houses. We are so fortunate to have had Taylor and Anthia come to our school to get to know our girls!  They will be missed, for sure!

7. The Season of Giving. Mrs. Williams’ & Mrs. Uppal’s Grade 3 students continued the season of giving this week when they made 150 cards and 796 cookies to be delivered to the homeless people in downtown Vancouver. Mrs. Felbel was delivering these items, along with some warm clothing, this weekend. What a memorable activity for our students.  They truly made a difference this holiday season!

8. Food Drive.  Our Food Drive for the Surrey Food Bank is well on its way. Students (and their families) are demonstrating their generosity this holiday season (as they do every year). The food drive will continue next week!

9. Report Cards.  Your students brought home their Term 1 report card on Friday. Please read their report card with your child and discuss they positive things you see.  Then, discuss any goals they might want to make for the following term.  If you would like to have an interview with your child’s teacher, please call the office starting on Monday. There will be two early dismissal days this week to accomodate for parent-teacher conferences. Your children will be dismissed at 1:27 on Wednesday and Thursday of this upcoming week.


10. Family Entertainment Night!  This Friday night will be Family Entertainment Night. Families are welcome to come to school to watch a movie and have popcorn and other treats.  Thanks to our PAC for putting on this event!  Here’s more information:





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