Things to Talk About – January 7-11


3.  Mrs. Ray had her baby!  We are very excited to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Ray welcomed a healthy baby boy to their family at the end of December.  Mom and baby Liam are adjusting well. Big sister Abby is loving her little brother! Here are a couple of pictures Mrs. Ray wanted to share with everyone:


Mrs. Crisafi (she taught in Mrs. Bornn’s class for the first term) joins Mrs. Clarke to teach in Mrs. Ray’s place for the remainder of the year while Mrs. Ray is on maternity leave.


4.  Mrs. Peredes had a baby as well! Mrs. Peredes was the vice-principal of Bear Creek for 4 years. We’re sure many of you remember her and have fond memories.  She is now the principal of Dogwood Elementary. She is currently on leave after having another baby girl at the end of December. What an exciting time for her and her family.


5.  Our School is Being Painted!  As we are sure you have noticed, the inside of our school is being painted.  Currently, they are painting some of the trim inside some of the classes in one of the newer wings. They are also painting the gym!  Our school will look amazing when it is all completed! We are very fortunate to have been chosen for such a large painting job. The district does very few of these each year because it is such a big job!



6. Code Red Drill.  We had a practise Code Red Drill on Thursday morning.  We are required to complete a number of drills throughout the year, including: earthquake, fire, and code red.  We are pleased to say that the students and staff did a great job during the drill.


7. Great Questions!  Mrs. Noakes’ Grade 5 class is starting a collaborative project with some other schools.  They began their project this week by brainstorming some really great questions about water. Take a look:



8. Grade 2 Reading!  Our students are becoming such great readers.  Here are a couple of short videos that demonstrate some reading strategies.

– This video shows how once students are able to read well with their finger tracking the words as they read, they can then learn how to use their eyes to track the words. This is an important skill to develop if reading is going to become more fluent and conversation-like.


– In this video, this Grade 2 student demonstrates how she used some strategies she knows to figure out an unknown word.  Do you notice that the teacher did not actually tell the student the word – but helped the student figure out strategies she could use to figure out the word. Look how proud the student is once she figures out the word on her own!  We are so proud of her!!!


9.  Book Deconstruction Sculptures.  What an interesting project Mrs. Iwagami is doing with her Grade 6 students!  Take a look: 


10. Grade 7 Bottle Drive. The Grade 7 students (and some of their parents) spent Saturday doing a bottle drive to raise money for Grade 7 Year-End activities. It was a small, but very dedicated and hard-working group!