Things to Talk About – January 14-18


7.  Beautiful Artwork.  Ms. Lyne’s class has created some beautiful trees which are displayed outside of her classroom.  Take a look.

8. Math Question of the Week.  Each week, our students have the opportunity to solve a Math Question of the Week. There are three questions, actually – one for primary students, one for intermediate students, and one for families to complete together. Students can get a copy of the questions upstairs outside of Mrs. Chao’s and Mrs. Henriksen’s LST rooms.  Here are the questions for the upcoming week:

9. Anti-Bullying Student T-Shirt Design Contest. A contest for the new Anti-Bullying T-shirts was completed this week. It was difficult, but we had to choose three of these designs to be finalists from Bear Creek Elementary. These designs will now go into the district design contest with the other finalist winners.  Here are photos of the designs that were judged to be the finalists for Bear Creek. 

10. A Student-Written Book and Sharing of the Book.  One of the students in Mrs. Fischer’s class wrote his own book using the app Book Creator on the iPad. You can see it below. He did a great job in not only writing his book, but then sharing it with students, teachers and Education Assistants throughout our school. We are very proud of him!

Here he is sharing his with a Kindergarten class (who had requested to learn some more about Angry Birds in Library class) and then answering questions afterward.


We are so proud of all of our students and staff here at Bear Creek!  We are truly a community of learners.

This week, we look forward to our Family Noisy Reading day on Friday, January 25 from 8:35-9:00am.  Please come in at this time to read with your child in his/her classroom.  This event was planned to honour Family Literacy Day which is Sunday, January 27.  Our families are our students first and most important teachers.  We hope you will come join us on Friday morning!

Feel free to leave comments on these posts. Our students and staff would love to read some comments from family members.